Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh, a virtual living place with 1-0-2 in the North

From Thung Khe Hoa Binh Pass (White Stone Pass), you will admire the beautiful panorama of Mai Chau valley and especially enjoy the beautiful virtual check-in. 

Where is Thung Khe Pass in Hoa Binh? 

Thung Khe Pass (also known as Da Trang Pass) is located on National Highway 6 connecting Mai Chau and Tan Lac in Hoa Binh province, about 120km northwest of Hanoi center. For a long time, Thung Khe Pass has become a famous tourist destination, a super quality virtual living place of tourists when exploring the Mai Chau - Moc Chau road.

Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh
Thung Khe Pass (White Stone Pass) in Hoa Binh. Photo:


Instructions on how to move to Thung Khe Pass

How to go to Thung Khe Hoa Binh Pass from Hanoi you can go by bus or motorbike as follows:

+ Passenger car

Bus routes from Hanoi to Mai Chau are as follows: 

Tuan Dung bus station (departing from Yen Nghia bus station - going to Mai Chau bus station), contact 0978833338. 

Hoang Thao bus (Mai Chau - My Dinh), contact booking 0218 3868291 - 0914 688533. 

Binh An bus (My Dinh - Hoa Binh), contact 0349 547 678. 

+ Motorcycles

The trip to Thung Khe Hoa Binh pass by motorbike is as follows: Starting from Giai Phong street, section of Linh Dam lake -> turn right in the direction of Dai Tu -> go straight, you will see Nguyen Huu Tho street and go to Ring Road 3, turn right. Continue going straight to Trung Hoa Tunnel � turn right onto Khuat Duy Tien street -> turn left along Tran Duy Hung street and run in the direction to Thang Long Boulevard. 

When coming to Yen Son Ethanol gas station (section of Hoang Xa Overpass) -> turn right onto Hoang Xa bridge, turn left to Quoc Oai street -> go straight to the intersection of 419 Thach Than street -> cross Thach Than pagoda and turn left in the direction to Trai Dong Doi -> go straight to QL6 turn right -> to Coc Market, Thung Khe pass, then you ask the people of Thung Khe pass, Hoa Binh pass nearby. 

Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh
The road to pass Thung Khe Hoa Binh. Photo:


The unique beauty of Thung Khe Pass

Thung Khe White Rock Pass with an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level, when standing on the top of the pass, you will admire the panoramic view of Mai Chau. With green valleys, layers of houses on stilts are far away and take pictures with beautiful landscapes like Europe. 

The special thing at Thung Khe Pass is that it has a four-day atmosphere like Da Lat. In the morning, the pass is covered with fog and cool, when the sun rises, each layer of sand is melted and warmer. In the afternoon, the sun is shining brightly but the air is very cool and the temperature in the afternoon gradually decreases to give way to the rising fog. The night at Thung Khe Pass is quite cold, so if you intend to explore Thung Khe Pass at this time, you should bring a warm jacket. 

Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh
Young people are eager to explore Thung Khe Pass. Photo:

Although not as dangerous as the Ma Pi Leng pass of Ha Giang or as majestic as the O Quy Ho pass of Lao Cai, Hoa Binh Da Trang pass is always attractive to backpackers by its winding bends and hidden valleys in the mountains. village. The road to Thung Khe pass is quite easy, because there are no sharp or steep bends, but you need to be careful because many trucks passing through the pass will be hidden from view or covered by fog. Especially in the cold season, a lot of fog makes visibility more difficult, so when riding a motorbike, you should go slowly and pay attention to the road.

Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh
Enjoy taking photos to check-in at Thung Khe Pass. Photo:

Taking pictures at Thung Khe Pass is one of the favorite experiences of young people, with a snow-covered mountain like the Nordic sky. You can create a lot of different designs, can take pictures with white rocks or cover the entire green valley at the foot of the pass. Or check-in on the pass with the scene of each convoy traveling is also a beautiful moment for your photo set. That's not it, on weekends or holidays, each convoy of lowland backpackers comes here to save beautiful moments. Not only that, in the wedding season, each couple leads each other to Thung Khe Pass to take wedding photos that are extremely shimmering and fanciful. 

Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh
Take pictures with the white snow on Thung Khe Pass. Photo:

The attraction of Thung Khe Pass is not only because of the beautiful scenery, but also by the side of the pass, there is a small market selling all kinds of specialties of the Northwest highlands. That is boiled corn, tapioca, lam rice, honey, wild bananas, wild pineapples, eggs� Especially, on cold days, you can almost rub roasted corn or hot potatoes to warm your stomach.

Thung Khe Pass, Hoa Binh
The market along the road of Thung Khe pass sells all kinds of Northwest specialties. Photo:

After exploring Thung Khe Hoa Binh pass , you move to Mai Chau about 30km to explore Lac village and learn about the life of Muong people. After that, continue the journey to discover Moc Chau with plum flowers, wild sunflowers or white canola flowers according to each season which is also an interesting experience for your trip.

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