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If you want to slow down to feel the wonderful things of nature, then let's go watch the sunrise over the sky gate in Tay Ninh.

Tay Ninh is only about 100 km from Saigon � not too far for you to find peace for yourself on the weekend. To see the sunrise, you have to go early in the morning, so the night before you have to sleep early to recharge for the trip to the sky gate in Tay Ninh . You can choose to ride a motorbike or take a bus at will. After about 2-3 hours (depending on the time and way of travel) you have arrived.

Experience going to Tay Ninh to conquer "heaven's gate"

According to the experience of traveling to Tay Ninh of backpackers, to catch the dawn on the "heaven gate" of Quan Am Tu, you have to move right at night. In the dark night, if you pay close attention, you will notice a huge black mass with hidden lights in the distance, which is Ba Den mountain - the symbol of Tay Ninh city. After seeing Ba Den Mountain, congratulations on your arrival, just run towards the mountain.

Brand new heaven gate in Tay NinhChecked in at the sun gate in Tay Ninh (Photo: blog.traveloka.com)

At the foot of the mountain, you buy an entrance ticket (price 16,000 VND / person) and then go to Linh Son Tien Thach pagoda. To get to the mountain, you have two options, one is to walk with stairs to climb, the other is to take the cable car up the mountain. We chose to walk to have a memorable experience and the feeling of conquering nature. At the foot of the mountain, there is Linh Phuoc Trung Tu, you can prostrate to the Buddha and stop here to rest. In the middle of the quiet night, hearing the temple bells ring each time, the wind chimes tinkling softly in the wind, bringing me peace, dispelling all fatigue after a long trip.

Then, from Linh Son Tien Trach Pagoda, conquer the last steps to Quan Am Tu. Waiting for a while is also the most exciting time - dawn begins to appear. The moment of the new day becomes clearer and clearer, the five-colored clouds dance in the sky one after another, the green rice fields, the chirping of birds, the glittering dew drops on the leaves, all create into a beautiful sight in the early morning.

Brand new heaven gate in Tay NinhIt is also very beautiful when the sun is about to set (Photo:blog.traveloka.com)

A little advice is that when climbing the mountain, you should often talk with your close friends and take a break to drink water because climbing for a while will get tired, talking for a while is not good to reach the place but not tired. again. After a while of climbing, you finally reach the temple. Here you can worship Buddha and Madam, pray for good things. You can zoom out to see Tay Ninh at night, the lights emanating from the houses next to the immense rice fields, mixed with the cool breeze will be memorable experiences for you.

The cable car ride up the mountain is very beautiful, you can stop by here to record memorable memories for your trip. After welcoming the new day at Ba Den mountain, you can go down the mountain and enjoy the famous Trang Bang soup, to recharge and continue the journey.

Brand new heaven gate in Tay NinhThe hallway going up is also chill (Photo: blog.traveloka.com)

Resort in Tay Ninh

And to make your vacation trip more complete than ever, choosing a good place to rest is very important. Vinpearl Hotel Tay Ninh is an ideal place to stay in this trip. Address: Vinpearl Hotel Tay Ninh � 90 Le Duan, Ward 3, Tay Ninh

This is the only 5-star international standard hotel and also the tallest building in Tay Ninh, located in the city center, very convenient for moving. As soon as you enter the hotel, you will receive a welcome glass of water and a smile from the front desk staff, after completing the check-in procedures you will be directed to check in. As soon as the room was opened, it was a wonderful scene, it was Tay Ninh's black mountain that appeared with its full beauty. At the hotel there are many services for you to enjoy a great vacation.

Brand new heaven gate in Tay NinhAfter resting, walking around a few places, I found a peaceful place like this (Photo: dulich.dantri.com.vn)

At the hotel's swimming pool, you can watch the TV tower of Tay Ninh city, enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the cool water, especially in hot weather like this. In addition, you also have absolute relaxation at Vincharm spa with jacuzzi and sauna.
The next morning you will enjoy the breakfast buffet at the hotel's house, with a very luxurious space and melodious music, it will definitely not disappoint you.

Brand new heaven gate in Tay NinhGoodbye Tay Ninh with a rainbow after the rain (Photo: dulichvietnam.com.vn)

So ended a trip of the youth of youth, of wandering days in a new land, living slowly to feel a beautiful Tay Ninh mountain, with sweltering sunshine, with beautiful wings. vast rice fields, with friendly people, with the gentle things of colorful and colorful nature. And especially the brand new heaven gate in Tay Ninh has not been discovered yet.

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