Ginseng - A nutritious gift not to be missed when coming to Mang Den

Ginseng, also known as Dan ginseng, is a precious medicinal herb known to many people in the land of Mang Den "Seven lakes and three waterfalls", a gift that cannot be missed when traveling here. .

Ginseng , also known as Dan ginseng, is a precious medicinal herb known to many people in the land of Mang Den "Seven lakes and three waterfalls". Coming to Mang Den tourism , ginseng is always a priority gift to introduce to guests.

sam-day-mang-den-1The road to Mang Den is covered with pine forests on both sides. Photo:

Mang Den town is located in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province , where it has a cool climate all year round, dubbed the "second Da Lat", the average temperature is only 16 - 20 degrees Celsius. Black is built to become a tourist destination with many interesting resorts and activities.


sam-day-mang-den-2Tourists experience the life of ethnic minorities in Mang Den. Photo: Kon Tum Newspaper

Coming to Mang Den at the beginning of the year, you will be able to relax and immerse yourself in the green space, the sweet scent of the pine forest in the cold weather. 


Ginseng growing garden in Mang Den

Thanks to the favorable climate suitable for ginseng to grow and develop, Mang Den ginseng has been increasingly invested in for a long time. Interspersed with immense pine hills is a ginseng garden on the red basalt soil of the Central Highlands.

There are many ginseng gardens over 4 hectares wide, while small gardens are only about 1 to 2 hectares, each ginseng garden is cared for by farmers, regularly watered every 4 days, every garden is green. 


sam-day-mang-den-3The garden grows young green ginseng under the canopy of Mang Den forest. Photo: Tran Hoan

Ginseng grows up under the protection of Kon Plong old forest, people have to manually clean cuticles, weeds, and work the soil because no machine can help. Sticking for a long time also has love, so relatives love to say that "Ginseng is the tree that saves people's hunger, I am grateful to it".

This type of tree is inherently climbing, it must be taken care of from 2.5 to 3 years old to be harvested. It is also because it is planted under the forest canopy, keeping moisture well, so the quality of ginseng here is much better than growing on open ground.


sam-day-mang-den-4Technical staff help her to take care of ginseng effectively. Photo: Tran Hoan

Indigenous people often grow ginseng by spreading seeds or mass sowing, if the variety is bought at the nursery, it is about 1,500 - 1,800 VND/plant. The stem is usually 2 to 3m long, has many branches, the ginseng root has a long branched cylindrical shape and has a light yellow color that is easy to recognize.

If you come to Mang Den, you certainly do not need to hesitate about the accuracy of the original ginseng, but also because of its good medicinal value, if you buy it in other places like Ho Chi Minh City, you should carefully check the origin. aqu�.


sam-day-mang-den-5Ginseng grows perennial, big tubers will have high value. Photo: Kon Tum Newspaper

Many young people in Mang Den also choose ginseng as a start-up plant, because the investment costs are low and the profits are high, which can be used from tubers, leaves to stems. On average, the leaves can earn nearly 4 million VND for about 60kg per day, if you hire workers to take care of them, you don't need to worry about the cost.

In particular, the high value in medicinal ginseng roots, for the 4-year-old type, when harvested with a weight of 300-350g / tuber, will sell for a high price, about 1 million VND / kg. The longer this type of ginseng grows, the higher its value is.


sam-day-mang-den-6If you want to buy ginseng as a gift, you can ask the locals. Photo:

Coming to Mang Den, Kon Tum, you can easily buy ginseng in markets or stalls in tourist destinations. Indigenous people are both hospitable and friendly, so don't "hesitate" when asking where to buy!


sam-day-mang-den-7The cold climate in Mang Den is very suitable for ginseng to grow and develop. Photo:


Effects of Ginseng, Mangosteen

With the support from mother nature and the diligent caring hands of the industrious farmer, this ginseng of Mang Den is more and more confirmed in terms of quality.

Herbalist Bang Cam, who has long experience with shared medicinal herbs, ginseng has been used for a long time in Eastern medicine, it is a medicine to help nourish the body comprehensively and increase resistance, support very good for prevention and treatment of diseases.


sam-day-mang-den-8Ginseng has many great effects for human health. Photo: Wiki travel

Not only that, ginseng also has many effects such as supplementing gas, nourishing spleen and blood, good for nerves, eyesight, birth ... For women, using ginseng will be very good for anti-oxidation. slow down the aging process of the body. 

sam-day-mang-den-9Chicken stew with ginseng is delicious and nutritious for health. Photo:

Currently, many local enterprises and production facilities of ginseng also take advantage of available materials to process products from ginseng such as ginseng wine, soft drinks, hard and soft ginseng candies, Ginseng jam, dietary supplements�

In addition, with the characteristic sweetness of ginseng, it is also used as an ingredient for other delicious and nutritious dishes such as chicken stew, carp stew or honey pickled...

sam-day-mang-den-10Delicious ginseng jam. Photo: Kon Tum Newspaper

With the effect of ginseng  for health, it has long become a gift to express the affection of the people here. Ginseng is used as a gift for every New Year's Eve and spring, in addition to wishing good luck to give ginseng as well as a gift to wish good health. Most of the distant guests coming to Mang Den are advised to buy ginseng roots as gifts for family and friends. 

Come to Mang Den to experience visiting tourist attractions in Kon Tum and discover the famous ginseng growing land, choose for yourself some great gifts to bring back!

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