Wherever you go, in Hue, there is also a beautiful 'unbelievable' way to cross the water.

Vietnam does not only have a road that separates from Diep Son, but in Hue there is also a similar beautiful road that stirs the hearts of travelers.

Dreaming Hue - the golden name in the tourist village is not only famous for its peaceful and ancient beauty, but also favored by mother nature with many poetic and lyrical landscapes. In which, there is Lap An lagoon with its wild, quiet and gentle beauty that makes visitors fall in love when visiting.

WaterwayLap An lagoon - an attractive tourist destination of Hue. Photo: Khoahocphattrien.vn

The road turning water in Lap An lagoon, Hue is beautiful "mysterious"

Surely the tourist believers are no longer too familiar with the road in the middle of the sea at Diep Son (Khanh Hoa). The strangeness of that nature made many people "fall in love", but now Diep Son is no longer the only one because in Lap An lagoon (Hue) there is also a walking path in the middle of the water like that. Moreover, this place also brings a peaceful beauty that is hard to find in other places.

The road turning water in Lap An lagoon. Photo: onedanang.vn

Lap An lagoon (also known as An Cu lagoon) is located at the foot of Phu Gia pass, passing through Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Hue city. Surrounding the lagoon is the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, in front of the lagoon is Lang Co Bay with clear blue water like the enchanting sea and sky.

At low tide, Lap An lagoon reveals a beautiful and melancholy way to turn the water. Photo: EMT Homestay

Every time the tide recedes, the lagoon reveals a way to part the water, making people feel like they are lost in the middle of a fairyland with pure white sand and many lovely small shells that nature has bestowed. You can gently step on this road to drop your soul into the water, admire the surrounding scenery and take sparkling pictures. 

Waterway You can walk gently on this path. Photo: onedanang

Waterway Take virtual photos on this unique road. Photo: @mia

Not only is a virtual check-in point for young people, Lap An lagoon is also one of the places that attracts couples to choose to take wedding photos thanks to the magic full of charm and sophistication in each picture.

Waterway This is also the place where couples choose to take wedding photos. Photo: Jong APhuong

With a picture-like beauty, this place is truly a tourist destination in Hue worth a visit. It has many times touched the hearts of distant travelers, brought indescribable emotions and made them remember forever. Then, visitors' footsteps suddenly seem to be lost in a dreamland, illusory with the mist spread over the sparkling water, extremely beautiful.

The poetic beauty of Lap An lagoon. Photo: khamphahue.com.vn

Other experiences in Lap An lagoon

Traveling to Lap An , in addition to discovering the road that splits the country in half, your journey will have many other interesting experiences.


Watch the sunrise and sunset

Lap An lagoon is also known as the most beautiful sunrise and sunset spot in Hue. At sunset when the sun begins to cast its shadow behind the Bach Ma mountain range. The scene of the lagoon at this time is extremely magical. On the calm water surface, there are colors of red, yellow, blue, etc., interwoven like a colorful silk. At dawn, the sun shines its first rays on the lagoon, shining with iridescent rays that look very poetic.

Waterway Watch the sunset and sunrise on Lap An lagoon. Photo: Vietravel

Enjoy taking pictures

In front of you is a lagoon with blue water, further away is the rolling Bach Ma mountain range, behind is a small road along the hill. Think that a photo taken in a place with fresh air and poetic nature like this is beautiful enough?

WaterwayEnjoy "virtual life". Photo: baomoi.com

Although sunset and dawn are the most beautiful times, if you visit Lap An lagoon in the morning or afternoon with rays of sunlight stretching on the sand and lake surface, it also gives you many shimmering virtual pictures. In particular, Lap An lagoon is quite empty of residents and tourists, so you can freely take pictures without fear of entanglement.

Enjoy the specialty of Lap An lagoon

In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious and famous dishes such as sea worm dishes and dishes made from oysters such as ginger steamed oysters, sweet and sour fried oysters, tofu stuffed with oysters, noodles with oyster sauce...


Enjoy a variety of delicious specialties. Photo: HAV Travel

The most suitable time to go to Lap An lagoon

Coming to Hue, you can visit Lap An lagoon in any season of the year, but to have the most perfect picture, you should go from March to June. Although at this time the weather is a bit harsh but you will have moments of contemplating the poetic beauty of the river and have a very cool photo collection that makes everyone swoon.

Waterway You can come to Lap An at any time. Photo: songmoi

The road to Lap An lagoon

Lap An lagoon is about 60 km from Hue city and there are many ways to get here. If you start from the Perfume River, you will move along the following route:

Follow the route Hung Vuong - An Duong Vuong - Nguyen Tat Thanh - National Highway 1A. From National Highway 1A, follow Ly Thanh Tong Street until you see a signpost leading to Phuoc Tuong Tunnel, turn in that direction. Go straight to Lang Co town, turn along Vi Thu An street and go straight to the place.

Waterway You can move motorbikes to Lap An lagoon. Photo: Vntrip.vn

The road from Hue city center to Lap An lagoon takes about 90 minutes by motorbike. It is more appropriate if you travel along the route Da Nang - Hue or vice versa, this place is located right on that route. 

If you are too bored with the hustle and bustle of daily life, want to go somewhere to enjoy the air, breathe the fresh air in the countryside, then visit Lap An lagoon - where the road turns to the sea. The unique and charming picture will melt away all your troubles.

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