Ngu Binh Mountain - The convergence of beautiful natural landscapes of Hue "surprised"

Ngu Binh Mountain is a famous tourist destination in Hue that attracts tourists by its magnificent natural scenery. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lyrical and poetic Perfume River with memorable experiences. 

Where is Ngu Binh Mountain?

Ngu Binh Mountain is located in An Cuu, Hue city owning a beautiful and poetic natural landscape, recreating a unique picture of Hue. This place attracts visitors by the green pine forests, ancient temples on the mountain tops and peaceful rivers. Coming to Ngu Binh Mountain, visitors can also admire the vast sky and enjoy the cool and relaxing space.

Ngu Binh Mountain
Ngu Binh Mountain is located in An Cuu, Hue city. Photo:

How to get to Ngu Binh Mountain?

About 5km from Hue city center, you can move to Ngu Binh mountain very conveniently by motorbike or taxi. In just a short time, you can freely admire the 1-0-2 beauty of this famous mountain. Starting from Hue city center, you go straight along Le Huan street -> go through Da Vien bridge -> turn into Bui Thi Xuan street -> go straight to Dien Bien Phu street -> turn into Dang Huy Tru street -> Go straight to Ngu Binh mountain. 

When moving to the foot of Ngu Binh mountain, you park your car and walk to the top of the mountain to admire the scenery. On the way you can relax sightseeing and enjoy the fresh air here. If you are tired, you can stop to rest under a big tree on the side of the road, then continue your exploration. 

Ngu Binh Mountain
The road to go to Ngu Binh mountain has very beautiful scenery.

Ngu Binh Mountain - The pride of Hue people

Exploring Ngu Binh mountain, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also participate in interesting activities here. 

Admire the beautiful scenery on the mountain 

From the top of Ngu Binh mountain, visitors will admire the majestic, wild and natural beauty. Those are the rows of green pine trees all year round and mixed with the fresh cool wind. Sitting together with relatives and friends, you can feel the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of this land. 

Ngu Binh Mountain
Admire the majestic, wild and natural beauty. Photo:

Ngu Binh Mountain has a height of about 105m, when standing on the top of the mountain, visitors will fully admire the fanciful picture of the dreamy Hue. It is a beautiful picture with the green Perfume River and ancient pagoda roofs. And when the sunset falls, it is an expensive moment for you to witness with your own eyes the golden sky blending with the green of the forest. This is also the typical beauty and symbol of Hue nature. 

Ngu Binh Mountain
View from Vong Canh hill. Photo:

Enjoy check-in to live virtual deep 

Ngu Binh Mountain possesses a majestic and poetic landscape, visiting this place, visitors can not only enjoy the scenery but also enjoy the virtual check-in, take beautiful wedding photos. Or you can enjoy picnics with vast, airy space and mingle with nature.

See the beautiful scenery. Photo:

After enjoying the full beauty of Ngu Binh mountain, visitors can explore the beautiful places nearby. A few kilometers from Ngu Binh mountain is the charming Vong Canh hill on the romantic Perfume River. These are also the two most attractive tourist destinations in Hue, if you have the opportunity to visit here, you should try to experience the sunrise or sunset to fully admire the beauty of the corner of Hue. 

Ngu Binh Mountain
A beautiful place to watch the sunset and take pictures on Ngu Binh mountain. Photo:

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