Bach Ma Village - A fairyland in the heart of Hue

Although Bach Ma Village has only just appeared, it has become a popular check-in destination for young people with its natural beauty and virtual living background like Europe.

Where is Bach Ma Village?

Bach Ma Village is a newly built and put into operation tourist area, located in Khe Su village, Loc Tri commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, located in Bach Ma national park. This tourist area is about 40km south of Hue city center. 

Bach Ma Village
Bach Ma Village is located in Bach Ma National Park. Photo:


How to get to Bach Ma Village?

Bach Ma Village is located in the middle of the valley and surrounded by Bach Ma mountain range, so it owns fresh, quiet air and wild beauty. The road to Bach Ma Village tourist area is quite convenient, from the center of Hue city, you go in the direction of National Highway 1A, to Phu Loc town with a signboard to Bach Ma national park, turn right onto Tran Dinh street. Tuc, then turn left onto Le Thuc Khanh street and go a bit to Bach Ma Village.

Bach Ma Village fairyland 

Bach Ma Village is known as the "wonderland" in the middle of the Hobbit village in Europe. This resort is designed with a unique setting mixed with campsites, restaurants, swimming pools and waterfalls. Designed with unique slides, a tourist space of about 2 hectares, Bach Ma Village tourist area is nestled in the middle of the quiet mountains and forests, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Bach Ma Village
"Wonderland" in the middle of the Hobbit village. Photo:

Bach Ma Village tourist area is impressive with the sound of flowing streams, waterfalls, whispering wind and chirping birds... Just that much makes this resort more impressive and attractive to tourists. visitors to visit and relax.

The campsite at Bach Ma Village is located on the green grass with a system of high-class tents, fully furnished to bring comfortable moments of relaxation for visitors.

Bach Ma Village
Stream flowing, beautiful natural scenery. Photo:

Visiting Bach Ma Village area, visitors will experience the service of bathing in streams, dry pools, mushroom houses, water slides and fully equipped with free life jackets, lounge chairs... Currently this resort is building a system of high-class rooms with more than 100 luxuriously furnished rooms. In particular, Bach Ma Village also has a diverse zoo with mischievous ostriches, cute sheep and a space filled with flowers and butterflies, visitors will feel like being lost in a fairyland. 

Bach Ma Village
Campsite in Bach Ma Village. Photo:

The restaurant area in Bach Ma Village can accommodate up to 500 people, with specialties such as grilled duck, grilled mountain frog, grilled chicken, grilled lamb leg, Tomyum hotpot, salad... Along with that, Bars, cafes serve the needs of refreshments and sightseeing of visitors. With green hills and quiet mountain space, Bach Ma Village deserves to be a resort destination for large groups of people and families on weekends and Tet holidays. 

Bach Ma Village
Beautiful and quiet scenery suitable for resort. Photo:

Ticket price at Bach Ma Village

Tickets to visit Bach Ma Village tourist area are 100,000 VND for adults and 50,000 VND for children (under 1m3). Preferential fare for residents of Phu Loc town and Loc Tri commune is 75,000 VND/adult and free for children under 1m3.

Notes when going to Bach Ma Village

  • Bach Ma Village tourist area does not allow visitors to bring food and drink in, but you can rest assured because the food here is quite diverse and has reasonable prices. 
  • The weather here at night is quite cold, so you should bring a light jacket. 
  • Because the resort has natural streams and waterfalls, if you have young children, you should wear life jackets and pay attention to monitor the children to ensure safety. 
  • The scenery in Bach Ma Village is very beautiful, so you should bring beautiful clothes and prepare a good camera to comfortably check-in. 

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