Hoang Dieu Street, Hanoi - the check-in corner is beautiful in every season

 Hoang Dieu Street in Hanoi is one of the most famous virtual living streets in Hanoi, beautiful and dreamy in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Locating the coordinates of Hoang Dieu street 

Hanoi 36 streets with hundreds of large and small streets, opening a beautiful ancient and romantic "maze" for tourists. Regardless of foreign guests, domestic guests or local residents, they all have a special love for the capital land. Because this place preserves the nostalgic beauty and has very peaceful scenes.


Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiHanoi has many beautiful and poetic streets. Photo: Nhimsoc13 

Traveling to Hanoi , visitors can explore many streets, many street corners. This is the brilliant Hang Ma street in the Christmas season, the bustling Ta Hien street every evening or the Phung Hung mural street. In addition to the streets, Phan Dinh Phung street, Thanh Nien street, etc. are also very beautiful for walking. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiHoang Dieu Street is a beautiful and romantic street. Photo: hngocmaioonig 

Besides the roads and street corners mentioned above, Hoang Dieu Street in Hanoi is also a beautiful street that is loved by young people in the capital and tourists. This place is considered a beautiful road in four seasons of the year. Because of the warm spring day or the cool autumn day, Hoang Dieu Street is poetic with blooming flowers.

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiThis is the road that many domestic and foreign tourists check in. Photo: mariapearls

On the map of Hanoi city, Hoang Dieu street is located in Ba Dinh district, only 2 km from West Lake. This route is located right next to the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, lined with green trees. Whether you are a resident of the capital or a long-distance traveler, you should definitely take a walk on this road once to see the real, poetic scenery. 

Hoang Dieu Street - every season a beauty

The capital capital has many streets, many wards, many streets, many alleys. But Hoang Dieu Street is considered the most checked-in street of the year. Part of this road is near West Lake, connecting many key destinations in the city. Partly because the road is wide, airy and poetic. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiDreamy ban flower season on Hoang Dieu Street. Photo: dodo.do1997

So what does Hoang Dieu have that you have to take a walk once when exploring the capital Hanoi ? The answer is that there are romantic flower seasons, there are rows of old green trees shading and a nostalgic, dreamy atmosphere like a certain street corner in Korea. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiFrom West Lake to here about 2 km. Photo: im.trangnhung

When you come to Hanoi, just try to go through Hoang Dieu Street and see. Along the two sides of the road are tall green trees, reaching straight up so the sky is blue. The wide canopy covers a part of the road surface, the cool air is extremely pleasant. Not a long stretch of road has big trees, but just one section is enough to bring a feeling of relaxation and peace in the midst of the busy capital. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiEvery corner on the road is poetic and cute. Photo: thewheelofffortune

This season, Hanoi's Hoang Dieu Street is the most checked-in route because it is in the flower ban season. In the early morning of the weekend, try to come out here and see, a lot of young men and women wear beautiful clothes, together to record poetic and romantic moments in the blooming white flower season. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiOn both sides of the road, shady trees. Photo: tron.jasmine

Ban flowers are found in many places, blooming in the Northwest, blooming in the Central Highlands. However, the ban flower on Hoang Dieu street still has a great attraction. A special thing is that the ban flower here has both white and purple flowers. Under the warm sun in the early spring days, the flowers become more vibrant and fresh than ever.

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiWalking on Hoang Dieu Street in Hanoi is a poetic experience. Photo: kwanghwy

Purple flowers are planted in the middle of Hanoi's Hoang Dieu Street , right next to the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. On these days, everyone wants to go for a walk or drive slowly on the road covered with purple and white flowers. A dreamy purple color mixed with pure white, creating a romantic and gentle scene.

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiThis season, purple flowers bloom brilliantly on the road. Photo: qsg4516

Ban flower season on Hoang Dieu Street is one of the most poetic flower seasons of the capital. The whole space seems to freeze so that the beauty of the flowers is fragrant and blooming. And whether night or day, this road has a very unique beauty, not everywhere in the capital. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiA very peaceful, green Hanoi on Hoang Dieu Street. Photo: hoangdzai1104

Not only spring with blooming flowers, but autumn on Hoang Dieu Street is also romantic and captivating. In spring the road has flowers, in autumn there are definitely leaves. When the sweltering heat of summer passed and autumn suddenly came, the rows of crocodiles on the road began to change leaves.

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiBan flowers are in full bloom on every street corner. Photo: roadber

The golden crocodile leaves left their branches, flew in the wind and gently landed on the ground. Day after day, the whole road is thick with yellow leaves like autumn in Japan and Korea. Somewhere, young girls, small families come here to take pictures. Some people have phones, people have cameras, everyone is eager to capture the best moments. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiFrom any angle, you can take beautiful pictures. Photo:helen_mint98

In addition to the season of white flowers and autumn leaves, Hoang Dieu Street in Hanoi is also beautiful all year round with rows of green trees, with corners planted with bougainvillea. Every winter, visitors come across bicycles carrying daisies stopping on the road. Just a small highlight but also brings many poetic emotions. 

Other great experiences on Hoang Dieu street

The beauty of Hoang Dieu Street is not only confirmed by the flowering season in March or autumn in September. The imprint of this road is also reflected in the destinations located along the route. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiWhether it's summer or autumn, Hanoi's Hoang Dieu Street is an ideal place for a stroll. Photo:_imjanggg

To Hanoi, you should try walking on Hoang Dieu Street to pass by the Ministry of Defense - a state agency painted in a sweet, romantic earthy pink, passing a small corner of the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, the monument Bac Son or Chinese Embassy. In addition, you should pay attention to the house number 30 Hoang Dieu. It was the house of General Vo Nguyen Giap.

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiHere, you definitely have a basket of virtual live photos to take home. Photo: tunychann

According to the experience of young people going to Hanoi , they must walk on this road to fully feel the beauty. Especially when you come here after Tet - the time when the purple and white flowers start to bloom. Because only walking, you can fully see the beauty of the blooming season, enjoy the peaceful scenery on the street corners. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiYou should come here early to take many good photos. Photo:tomito_ahihi

In addition, only when walking, visitors can easily find themselves the most beautiful corners to take photos, to immerse themselves in the poetic and romantic space of Hoang Dieu Street, Hanoi. The experience becomes even more wonderful when you do it with your loved ones, friends or loved ones.

Right now, Hoang Dieu street was full of flowers. If you intend to walk this road, prepare a slightly sweet beauty outfit for photos. Do not forget to come here in the morning to take good pictures and few people. Taking advantage of the early morning, you can breathe in the fresh air and recharge for an exciting new day. 

Hoang Dieu Street, HanoiThe capital of Hanoi, but thought the beautiful scenery of Korea. Photo: ngocminh1000

Hanoi is beautiful all year round and so are the streets and corners of the capital. If you want to find a free virtual living place, comfortably posing, Hoang Dieu Street is the suggestion that you should refer to and consider choosing when coming to the land of the capital. 

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