Cactizone Cactus Garden - A corner of 'miniature Da Lat' in the middle of Ha Thanh

 Cactizone cactus garden in the heart of Hanoi is a brand new virtual living address that is hunted by young people. This dreamy, lovely space promises to bring you a set of quality check-in photos.

Where is Cactizone?

If you are a nature lover, you will not be able to ignore the lovely and cute cactus gardens all over the map of Vietnam. In Da Lat there is Kombi Land coffee shop, in Buon Me Thuot there is Lee's House, in Hanoi capital there is a beautiful garden in Ba Vi district. 


Cactizone cactus garden Cactizone cactus garden is making a check-in point that is loved by young people in Ha Thanh. Photo:Nguyen Khanh Huyen

And now, the land of Ha Thanh continues to captivate the hearts of cactus lovers with another destination called Cactizone. This garden is located under Nhat Tan bridge, near Dong Anh district, Hanoi capital . 

Cactizone cactus garden This garden is located near Nhat Tan Bridge. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

To get here conveniently, you can search on Google Maps �Nhat Tan Hotel�. When going to this hotel, please contact 0983180379 or 0983929394 for the gardener to guide you on the way in. In addition, you can also contact via fanpage to learn about the way if you are confident with your "path-finding" experience. 

Cactizone - a small corner "Da Lat in the heart of the capital"

Unlike other flowers and plants, cacti have a strong, thorny beauty, exuding a tough temperament against the harshness of the land and weather. Perhaps because of that special look, many people fall in love with this plant. Not soft and graceful, not sweet and passionate, but the cactus still has a strong attraction. 

Cactizone cactus garden Cactizone has planted many different cacti. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

That is the reason that besides flower gardens and large flower fields, Hanoi capital also has a small corner dedicated to cactus species. That place is called Cactizone - an address that is being loved by young people recently. 

Cactizone cactus garden The garden space is large and airy. Photo:Nguyen Khanh Huyen

If Kombi Land Da Lat is a cafe, it has cactus and decorated with colorful cars. Then Cactizone is a space just for hundreds of large and small cacti to grow, develop and bloom. 

Cactizone cactus garden There are many types of cacti, large and small, of all different shapes. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

When you come here for the first time, you will be surprised by a garden that is both neat and beautiful, and exudes something very wild and unique. The area of the Cactizone cactus garden is not too large but is well planned, has a wide path for visitors to travel easily, there are rocks for you to stand and pose for photos. 

Cactizone cactus garden Cactus blooms in Cactizone. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

In order to create the most favorable conditions for cacti to grow lushly, Cactizone has selected plants suitable for Hanoi's climate combined with a partial roof above, limiting sun, wind or rainstorms affecting the tree species. This is in the early stages of development. 

Cactizone cactus garden You can enjoy coming here to take virtual photos. Photo:Nguyen Khanh Huyen

However, most of the garden is an outdoor space, very open and easy to receive light, ensuring the best quality virtual photos of visitors. You just need to visit Cactizone in the morning or late afternoon to be sure to have tons of beautiful photos to bring back. 

Cactizone cactus garden Cactizone has many different broad bones such as golden balls, rabbit ears,... Photo:Facebook Cactizone

Visiting the Cactizone cactus garden , you will encounter countless beautiful cactus varieties competing to bloom. The most popular are rainbow cactus, birthday cake cactus, rabbit ear cactus, golden ball cactus, pillar cactus, mountain cactus, etc.  

Cactizone cactus garden The ideal space for you to take virtual photos. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

Each species has different looks, different sizes but all have strong and impressive beauty, creating a quality space for you to freely pose for pictures. A fresh green space, dotted with yellow flowers, white flowers, ... opens a lovely little corner for the hearts that love thorny cacti.

Cactizone cactus garden In the garden, there are many large and small rocks to support the cactus and make the space more beautiful. Photo:Nguyen Khanh Huyen

Cactizone is a beautiful photography location in Hanoi that is loved by many young people and tourists. Although apart from the cactus, this place has no other entertainment services. However, for many people, seeing thorny trees and taking some nice pictures is also an interesting experience in Hanoi. 

Cactizone cactus garden In the morning with warm sunshine, visitors will have many beautiful check-in photos. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

In order to make the garden clean and beautiful and exude a wild nature like in the desert, gardeners have planted cacti in the ground, filling in sand and gravel above. Interwoven with large clusters of cacti are white rocks of various sizes, turning this space into a small desert corner for visitors to enjoy virtual living.

Cactizone cactus garden In addition to the tall and tall cacti, in Cactizone there are also small and beautiful varieties planted in the ground. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

In addition to the main highlight is the variety of cylindrical and circular cactus, in Cactizone there are also special varieties of cacti such as dragon god cactus, rainbow cactus, birthday cake cactus, etc. flowers, blooming as if inviting visitors to come closer to admire and enjoy the pure and pure beauty. 

Cactizone cactus garden This place is likened to "miniature Da Lat" in the heart of Hanoi. Photo:Nguyen Khanh Huyen

In addition to the beautiful and large-sized succulents , the Cactizone cactus garden also has many other small and beautiful varieties of succulents for visitors to enjoy watching and photographing. Hundreds of stone lotus flowers are planted directly in the ground, lying close together very cute, making the garden space like a "miniature Da Lat in the heart of Hanoi". 

Virtual living experience in Cactizone

Cactizone is a virtual living spot in Hanoi that is very hot in the travel community. Who doesn't fall in love with cacti of all sizes and shapes? Who does not fall in love with the beautiful little flowers that grow from the thorny tree? If you love cacti, you should visit Cactizone to enjoy taking pictures. 

Cactizone cactus garden You should prepare appropriate clothes to visit the Cactizone cactus garden to take pictures. Photo: Hien Dang

Currently, the ticket price to visit and take photos of this garden is 80,000 VND/person. You should visit here in the morning before 9 o'clock or in the afternoon after 3 o'clock to have beautiful sunshine without being too hot. You should limit visiting at noon because it is often hot, moving to pose for photos is also very tiring. 

Cactizone cactus garden Not only young people but also middle-aged guests also visit the Cactizone cactus garden. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

This garden with the dominant green color of the cactus combined with the space is decorated like a small desert corner. Therefore, you can choose vintage, bohemian, ... to take pictures to create the most harmonious beauty. In addition, modern outfits with bright and outstanding colors are also very good suggestions to refer to. 

Cactizone cactus gardenTicket price to take pictures at Cactizone cactus garden is 80,000 VND/person. Photo:Facebook Cactizone

In the end, you just need to bring a good camera or phone and a good photographer will have a good set of photos to take home. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist traveling to Hanoi, Cactizone is still a place worth checking in on these warm autumn days. 

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